Sale of Wester Breich, 1802

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The Caledonian Mercury
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FARM IN WEST LOTHIAN, to be sold by private bargain at a very low price

REMAINING LOT OF NORTH BRIECH ESTATE, viz, the WES'I'ER FARM, two miles south-west of Livingstone. and one mile from the south turnpike road from Edinburgh to Glasgow containing 134 acres all arable, 40 of which were sown off with grass seeds last spring, the greater part being previously fallowed and limed. Twenty acres have been summer fallowed and limed during last summer, part dunged for pease and turnips, and now finished for a crop, together with other improvements executed in a superior style, and at a great expense. The public burdens are trifling. Two lime-kilns are within a mile of the property. A purchaser may have immediate possession; or a respectable tenant will give One Pound of rent per acre, for a lease of nineteen years. Apply to Mr Wilkie, the proprietor at Mrs Brown's lodgings, No.5, North side, George Street, Edinburgh who will furnish indubitable good rights and purge all encumbrances, to the satisfaction of a purchaser. James Watson, overseer at Breich, will show the premises

The Caledonian Mercury, 16th January 1802