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A Recognised Collection of National Importance

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Newspapers reports & articles

Reports and articles transcribed from newspapers, journals and periodicals.


Company Matters

Reports of Shareholder's meetings:

Affairs discussed at the Annual General Meetings of the larger oil companies were frequently reported in the press and would have been of great interest to shareholders and potential investors.

Company Prospectus

New public companies often advertised their prospectus in newspapers to attract would-be investors. Some company prospectus are also held in the collection as printed documents - see individual company pages

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Reports of court procedings follow the failure of oil companies, which often provide deep insights into those firms and the entrepreneurs behind them.

Legal Actions.

Court cases brought by oil companies, or taken against them, were frequently reported in the press


Descriptions of Specific Localities

Trade & Market Reviews

Disasters, Fires, & Explosions.

The Accidents section of the website also provides accounts of deaths, injuries and everyday mishaps of working life

Pollution and Public Health.

Technology, Inventions and Patents

International Oil Trade

International Exhibitions


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