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Displays and on-line exhibitions

BP temp display pic

From Scottish Shale to Worldwide Fame exhibition which is currently on display within the museum

Every object tells a story: seeing the collection through our volunteers' eyes

Our new temporary exhibition is co-curated with our team of volunteers who have each chosen an object from our collection to tell their own personal stories. Exploring the idea that everyone tells stories about themselves and use stories to understand the world around them. Our volunteers stories bring our collection to life through their varied and interesting personal tales. This exhibition is on display in the museum until end of June 2018. Download as PDF


Underground Cuddies: Their lives of labour in Scotland's shale mines

Our new temporary exhibition focuses on the lives of the ponies and horses that worked in the Scottish shale mines and is on display until the end of the year (2017). Alongside the exhibition are some activities for children such as plaiting a horse's tail ready for their big day at the agricultural show or making a rosette to award the winner. Download as PDF


Burngrange; fifteen lives lost underground

A past exhibition which displayed some of the items that the miners would have used down Burngrange pit and some of the awards they received for their bravery. Alongside the exhibition case was a series of exhibition banners, produced in partnership with the Calder History Group, to commemorate the seventieth anniversery of the explosion and underground fire at Burngrange No.1 & 2 pit, in which fifteen men lost their lives. See Burngrange index. Download as PDF


Danger! Men At Work

A previous temporary museum exhibition which highlighted some of the objects that posed a threat to a shale miner during his working day alongside some of the equipment designed to improve health and safety conditions. Download as PDF


From Pits to Trenches

A poster display examining the Shale Oil industry's contribution to the war effort during World War One. Compiled November 2014; Special thanks to Alexei McDonald for his contribution to this research. Currently on display at Livingston North railway station. Download as PDF file (8.2MB)


From Scottish Shale to Worldwide Fame

A previous temporary museum exhibition which displayed the range of products that were manufactured from shale oil alongside some of the interesting and unique items from the BP Archive which is housed at the Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry. Download as PDF



A previous temporary museum display highlighting some local stars from the popular leisure activity of quoiting. Download as PDF


The Shale Trail

A beginners guide to the shale oil industry: originally an A3 size leaflet, offering an illustrated introduction to the Scottish shale oil industry and the sites of the associated with it. Download as PDF


Shale Villages

Display panels from a travelling exhibition celebrating the communities that served the shale oil industry, and exploring the villages constructed by the oil companies to house their workforce. The exhibition was one outcome of the "Shale Villages" project, undertaken in 2009-10 with support from Heritage Lottery Fund and West Lothian LEADER. Each display board is presented as a PDF, about 1.5MB in size.

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