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Uphall Mineral Oil Co. Ltd.

Constitution Limited Company
Company Number. Registered in Scotland, No. 343
Share Capital. not known
Date of Incorporation 26th January 1871
Date of Dissolution Liquidated 1876, dissolved 28th March 1879
Registered Office 2 Oswald St, Glasgow, 130 West Nile St. Glasgow (from August 1871)
Oil Works Boghall Oil Works
Uphall Oil Works
Benhar Oil Works
Hopetoun Oil Works

A limited company formed to take forwards the interests of the Uphall Mineral Oil Co., (partners: Peter McLagan, Edward Meldrum and George Simpson), the firm of Edward Meldrum & Co. (partners: Edward Meldrum and George Simpson), and the Benhar oil works of George Simpson. All three individuals involved in these partnerships became directors of the new company.

Soon after incorporation, the company established a new crude oil works at Hopetoun which, along with the crude oil output from Boghall and Benhar, supplied company's refinery at Uphall

The company is listed in the 1878 Slater's royal national commercial directory as having premises at Uphall, Hopetoun, Boghall and Benhar, with a Glasgow office at 130, West Nile St. Elsewhere in that directory, the firm of Jones & Forbes, Port Downie, Falkirk are described as the company's "sole agents for the North of Scotland"

A new limited company, the Uphall Oil Co. Ltd. was formed in 1876 to take over the business; the old company being wound-up in 1879




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HENRY CADELL of Grange, George Harrison, Merchant, Edinburgh, and George Ogilvie, Merchant, 110 George Street, Glasgow, the Liquidators of the Uphall Mineral Oil Company, Limited, hereby intimated that in pursuance of the provisions of "The Companies Act, 1862," and particularly of section 142 thereof, they have made up an account showing the manner in which the winding up of the said Company has been conducted and the property of the Company disposed of; and in further pursuance of the said Act, and the said section thereof, they hereby call a General Meeting of the said Company, to be held within the Registered Office of the Company, 130 West Nile Street, Glasgow, on the 25th day of May 1870, at a quarter to one o'clock P.M., for the purpose of having the said account laid before them, and hearing any explanation that may be given by the Liquidators, and translating any other business required by the said Statute, or by The Companies Act, 1867.


HENRY CADELL, Liquidator.

Note.—The winding up of the above Company was carried through solely for the purpose of the Shareholders being re-incorporated under the name of " The Uphall Oil Company, Limited," and that Company took over and carries on the business.

The Edinburgh Gazette, 11th April 1879.

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