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J & E Robinson

Constitution A non-limited partnership
Date of Formation c.1868
Date of Dissolution c.1878
Office 118 West Regent Street, Glasgow
Oil works Canalbank Paraffin Oil Works,
Loanhead (Glentore) Oil Works
Port Dundas Paraffin Oil Works

Edwin Robinson was previously a partner in Robinson, Donald & Company listed in Glasgow Post Office Directories as "paraffin lamp manufacturers". After this firm was dissolved in 1864, he went into business with John Wilson Robinson (his brother?) trading initially (c.1867) as Robinson Brothers, and from c.1868 as J.&.E. Robinson. The firm's crude oil production was centred on (Loanhead) Glentore Oil Works, but included short-lived interests at other works in the Monklands. It appears that crude oil from Glentore was transported to Port Dundas for refining. Edwin Robinson's home at Craigelvan, Airdrie was within a few miles of Glentore. The Robinson brothers mining interests at Wester Glentore appear to have passed to the West Glentore Coal Company Limited in about 1879.





Lanarkshire Farmers Society - Show at Hamilton - POULTRY, Hamburgh Cock and Hen. 1st Alex. White, 2nd Wm. Carmichal, 3rd Edwin Robinson, Glentore oil Works, by Aidrie.

The Glasgow Herald 27th May 1871


REGISTRATION COURT; Airdrieā€¦The only case of interest was that of Mr E. Robinson and his brother, West Glentore . New Monkland . They were objected to on the ground that the West Glentore Coal Company (Limited ) were now in possession of the subjects which qualified them as electors . The assessor had excluded them from the list, and the position, therefore, was that Mr Nott was objecting to them when they were not on the roll as they bad not claimed while Mr Motherwell held that they should not have been struck off the roll . The Sheriff said that these gentlemen appeared as joint tenants of those minerals on the last roll by which the County Voters Act the assessor was bound on or before a certain day to make up and arrange in alphabetical order a list of all persons who shall appear by the valuation roll to become entitled to vote.

The Scotsman 23rd September 1879


Successive entries in the annual Glasgow Post Office directory


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