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J.P. Raeburn

Constitution Copartnership or Sole Proprietor
Date of Formation Oil interests from c.1863
Date of Dissolution 1871 on launch of the Midlothian Mineral Oil Co. Ltd.
Office uncertain
Office Grange Shale Oil Works

John Peter Raeburn was owner of the Charlesfield estate which lay to the south west of Livingston, in the parish of Midcalder. Like several local landowners during the early 1860's, he established an oil works to exploit shale reserves of shale that lay beneath his land. Raeburn appears to have taken an active interest in the technology of the works, patenting improvements to the retorting process. His Grange Shale Oil Works were a significant undertaking,served by a number of mines and workers housing. A limited company, the Midlothian Mineral Oil Co. Ltd. was launched in 1871 to own and develop Grange oil works, John Peter Raeburn serving as one of four directors.





The Grange Oil Works, in the same neighborhood (as the Gavieside Oil Works), are owned by Mr. Raeburn (a grandson of the portrait painter), and have sixty retorts.

The Scotsman, 1st February 1869


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