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Pumpherston Oil Co. Ltd.

Constitution Limited company
Company number Registered in Scotland No.1295
Share capital £90,000
Date of Incorporation 3rd November 1883
Date of Dissolution 19th December 1997
Registered Office 135 Buchanan Street, Glasgow; 53 Bothwell Street, Glasgow; Bo'ness Road, Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, FK3 9XQ
Oil Works Pumpherston Oil Works

A company established to take forward a mineral lease and other interests held by Archibald Fraser and his brother William Fraser, a former shale miner, and previously mining and works manager of the Uphall Oil Co.. Under William Fraser's leadership, the company overcame initial difficulties and began to return substantial dividends.

The Pumpherston Oil Company then acquired a number of sites from failed shale companies, reconstructed works, and returned them to profitable operation supplying crude oil for refining at Pumpherston. Seafield crude oil works were reconstructed in 1891and Deans crude oil works in 1896. William Fraser formed the Tarbrax Oil Co. in 1905, which was absorbed into the Pumpherston Oil Co. in 1913.

The Pumpherston Oil Company was one of five shale oil companies that survived to be merged into Scottish Oils Ltd in 1919, following which Pumpherston became the central refinery, and hub of operations for the industry. William Fraser Junior, son of the founder and subsequently Baron Strathalmond, was appoint first managing director of Scottish Oils Ltd, and was highly influential in shaping the fortunes of the BP oil group.



Information is patchy from 1883-1913, and from 1970-78

Additional details of board members, senior staff and shareholders.