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Pirnie Coal Co.

Constitution Copartnership
Date of Formation 1859 or earlier
Date of Dissolution post 1878
Office not known
Oil works Methil Oil Works ?

A company established by Edward Binney and Edward Meldrum, two of the three partners behind the Bathgate Chemical Works, to develop cannel coal and coal oil interests in the Methil area. Edward Binnie was the sole partner from November 1859.

The company was proprietor of Pirnie Colliery; it is unclear whether the site of the Methil Paraffin Oil Works was held by the company or solely by Edward Binney. It is similarly unclear whether small scale operation of the site following collapse of the Methil Paraffin Oil Co. was conducted by the Pirnie Coal Company or directly on behalf of Edward Binney. The company won an award at the Great Exhibition of 1862 for "a peculiar variety of cannel, specially adapted of the production of gas and oils"

In September 1868 a valuation appeal was lodged by the "Pirnie Coal and Paraffin Oil Company", who had a lease on a colliery at Methil and works at Methilhill. It is unclear what relationship this company had to the Pirnie Coal Co. The Pirnie Coal Co., of Methil Hill, was listed in the 1878 edition of "Slater's directory" under "coal merchants"





THE Company carrying on Business as Coalmasters, at Leven, in the County of Fife, under the Firm of The PIRNIE COAL COMPANY, was DISSOLVED on the llth day of November current, by mutual consent of the Subscribers, the sole partners thereof. The Subscriber, Edward William Binney having acquired the sole right to the said concen will carry on the same under the same Firm f The Pirnie Coal Company, entirely for his own behoof , and is authorised to pay and uplift all debts due by and to the Company.

Signed by me at Manchester, the 17th day of November 1859, in presence of the attested witnesses


(Signed) SAMUEL LEE, Witness, Clerk to E. W. Binney, Solr., Manchester.
(Signed) F. A. BINNEY, Witness, Clerk to E. W. Binney Solr., Manchester.

Signed by me at Bathgate, the 21st day of November 1859, in presence of the attesting witnesses,

(Signed) ED. MELDRUM.

(Signed) ALEXANDER FISHER, Witness, Clerk at the Chemical Works, Bathgate.
(Signed)ALEXANDER BIRNIE, Witness, Clerk at the Chemical Works, Bathgate.

The Edinburgh Gazette, 25th November 1859


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