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John Nimmo & Son

Constitution Copartnership
Date of Formation pre 1866
Date of Dissolution after 1881?
Office 9 Bernard Terrace, Edinburgh (until 1875); 42 North Lauder Road, Edinburgh (from 1875)
Oil works Grangepans Paraffin Oil Works
Limerigg Oil Works

John Nimmo was a coal master with mining interests at Limerigg near Slamannan. He opened an oil works at Grangepans c.1866, but after only a short period of operation, the plant was dismantled and transferred to Limerigg. For a brief period advertisements were place in the Glasgow Herald for "Koh-i-noor paraffine oil" manufactured at Limerigg. Although the Limerigg colliery and the oil works were put up for sale in 1869 "in consequence of the proprietor going abroad", the works were still in operation in 1873.

Various members of the Nimmo family ran coal mining firms in Stirlingshire and Lanarkshire, the relationship between which remains unclear. Evidence suggests that John Nimmo (1826-1896), previously manager at Kinneil ironworks, set up business as a coal master at Drumclair in c.1852. He had four sons, James, John Thomas, Adam and Charles, all of whom became coal masters. John Nimmo's address at time of death was 42 North Lauder St. Edinburgh and his firm was trading under the title of John Nimmo and Sons. It seems likely that this firm was floated as a public company and subsequently restructured on two occasions. Company records list :

Advertisements for the sale of Limerigg Oil Work in 1869 gives the contact address as "John Nimmo, 35 Clerk St. Edinburgh". Prior to 1869, the firm of James Nimmo & Co was operating Longrigg colliery, and may have been involved in oil production at Longrigg oil works during the 1880's. It might be assumed that James was the son of John Nimmo of Limerigg.

Entries in Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Scotland prove puzzling:

This suggests that oil may have been produced at Limerigg (or Drumriggend?) into the 1880s, but might be in error, instead referring to James Nimmo & Sons' oil operations at Longrigg?





Advertisment from Slater's trade directory, 1867


Entries from successive editions of the Edinburgh Post Office Directory

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