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New Hermand Oil Co. Ltd.

Constitution Limited Company
Company Number. Registered in Scotland, No. 4179
Share Capital. £100,000
Date of Incorporation 10th March 1899
Date of Dissolution 10th June 1905
Registered Office 144 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow
Oil Works Breich Oil Works

The New Hermand Oil Company Ltd was formed on 10th March 1899 as a result of the reconstruction of the Hermand Oil Company Ltd. After resolving the numerous difficulties of restarting operations at Breich Oil Works which had lain idle for nearly 8 years, the works were back in full operation by August 1899. However, in February 1902 the Company faced insurmountable financial difficulties following the collapse of the Linlithgow Oil Company Ltd who had, prior to this, purchased 50% of the crude oil they produced.

Following an unsuccessful attempt to reconstruct the Company in May 1902, and subseqent efforts to sell the works and mines as a going concern, the business carried on in liquidation, at a loss and with increasing debt, until the works finally closed in February 1903. The Company was finally dissolved in June 1905.









Improvement in Scottish Oil Trade.- The improvement in the Scottish oil trade which permitted the new Hermand Oil Company to resume operations still continuing, the Directors of the Company have had other 80 retorts started, which raises the number in operation to 120. The complete retorting plant at Breich is now in full working operations. The Company have also contracted with Pumpherston Oil Company to purchase the crude oil.

Dundee Courier, Monday 28th August 1899


The report by the Directors of this Company with respect to the Company's affairs as at 31st March last, is as follows -The accounts cover the period from the taking over on the 10th March 1899, of the undertakings of the Old Hermand Oil Coy. (Ltd.) but the works have not been in full operation since that date. Some time necessarily elapsed before the various departments were got into working order. A partial start was made with 40 retorts on 7th July, but it was three months later before the full 120 retorts were in operation. Since then various difficulties, resulting mainly from the works having stood idle for nearly eight years, have been met. Matters are now running smoothly.

West Lothian Courier, Friday July 20th 1900


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