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Monkland Oil Refining Co. Ltd.

Constitution Limited Company
Company Number. Registered in Scotland, No. 242
Share Capital. not known
Date of Incorporation 18th May 1866
Date of Dissolution wound-up 1870, dissolved 25th November 1881
Registered Office 180 West George Street, Glasgow
Oil Works not known

A company established to construct an oil refinery and also develop oil wells in Burma. James Struthers, one of the directors, was proprietor of Rochsoles colliery and the associated Rochsoles (Stand) oil works and his firm, James Struthers & Co. acquired the plant and property of the Monkland Oil Refining Co. Ltd in 1870.

James Reid and James Struthers were also partners in the firms of James Stuthers & Co., Galbraith, Reid & Co., and Galbraith & Co., the latter two being involved in trade with Burma.

The location of the Monkland Oil Refining Co. refinery is not known, but might have been associated with Stand oil works








NOTICE is Hereby Given that at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of this Company, duly convened and held in Glasgow upon Friday the 24th December 1869. It was Resolved that the Company should be wound up, and that James Reid, one of the Directors, should act as Liquidator in the Winding-up thereof; and that at another Extraordinary General Meeting of the said Shareholders, duly convened and held at the same place upon Tuesday the 11th January 1870, the said Resolutions were confirmed. DICK & STEVENSON, Writers, Glasgow, Agents. Glasgow, March 7, 1870

The Edinburgh Gazette, 8th March 1870.


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