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Midlothian Mineral Oil Co. Ltd.

Constitution Limited Company
Company Registration No. Registered in Scotland No. 379
Share Capital £75,000
Date of Incorporation 22nd November 1871
Date of Dissolution 13th April 1876
Registered Office 190 West George Street, Glasgow (from 28th December 1871);
62 St Vincent Street, Glasgow (from 17th July 1872);
79 St Vincent Street, Glasgow (from 17th May 1873);
40 Vincent Street, Glasgow (from 11th April 1876)
Oil works Grange Shale Oil Works

A company floated to take over Grange Shale Oil Works and associated mines and property owned by the firm of J.P. Raeburn, the local landowner. The sale of shares was widely advertised in the English and Scottish press. The four directors included John Peter Raeburn, and William Patrick Andrew, the brother-in-law of John Peter Raeburn.

John Peter Raeburn died in 1872 and the company appears to achieved little that was promised in the prospectus. The plant and machinery of Grange Shale Oil Works was sold by auction in 1875 and the company dissolved the following year.






NOTICE is hereby given that at an Ordinary General Meeting of the Members of the Midlothian Mineral Oil Company, Limited, duly convened, and held at the Registered Office of the Company, 79 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, in the County of Lanark, on the 4th day of February 1875, the following Special Resolution was duly passed, and at a subsequent Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of the said Company, also duly convened, and held at 79 St. Vincent Street aforesaid, on the 25th day of February 1875. The following Special Resolution was duly confirmed:- "That the Meeting pass a Special Resolution that the Company be wound up voluntarily, and that Mr.Robert Reid, the present Secretary, be appointed Liquidator." ROBERT REID, Secretary.

The Edinburgh Gazette, 26th February 1875.


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