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Methil Paraffin Oil Co.

Constitution Copartnership
Date of Formation 1864 or earlier
Date of Dissolution Sequestered 1869
Office unknown
Oil works Methil Paraffin Oil Works

Robert Carrick was previously manager of the Pirnie Coal Company's Pirnie colliery and John Arnott was a gas engineer, working in the north of England. At the bankruptcy hearing the company's failure was on the collapse in the price of oil as a consequence of competition from imported American oils. Redwood suggests that the defective construction of the works, leading to leakage of product, may also have contributed to the downfall of the company. The company is also referred to as "The Methill Paraffin Oil Company".






TO THE CREDITORS ON The Sequestrated Estates of the METHILL PARAFFIN OIL COMPANY, Chemical Works, Methill, in the County of Fife, and of Robert Carrick, sometime residing at Ashgrove, near Leven, Scotland, and now residing at St. Louis, United States of America, and of John Arnott, Gas Engineer, Leeds, the Individual Partners of said Company, as such Partners, and as Individuals by virtue of a Deliverance of the Lord Ordinary officiating on the Bills (Lord Mackenzie), dated 20th January 1872, the said above designed Robert Carrick hereby intimates that he has presented a Petition to the said Lord Ordinary to be finally discharged of all debts and obligations contracted or for which he was liable as such Partner, and as an Individual, at the date of the Sequestration of said Estates, on 26th June 1869.—All in terms of the Bankrupt Statutes. JOHN GALLETLY, S.S.C., Agent of the said Robert Carrick.

The Edinburgh Gazette, 23rd January 1872

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