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Lanark Oil Co. Ltd.

Constitution Limited Company
Company Number. Registered in Scotland, No. 1257
Share Capital. £130,000
Date of Incorporation 3rd August 1883
Date of Dissolution 27th March 1890
Registered Office 19a Hill Street, Edinburgh, 3rd August 1883; 56 George Street, Edinburgh, 5th January 1885
Oil Works Lanarkmoor Oil Works
Tarbrax Oil Works

A limited company, established to acquire Lanarkmoor oil works, seriously damaged by fire 1878, a small and probably disused oil works at Tarbrax and minerals in the Tarbrax area, all previously owned by the failed North British Oil & Candle Co. Ltd. The deal seems to have been brokered by George Simpson, who acquired a reputation for sharp practice in such matters. The new board of directors included Peter Dow, previously works manager for the North British Oil & Candle Co. Ltd.

Despite heavy investment in reconstructing Tarbrax works, the company soon ran into financial difficulties, blamed on poor management of the works and defective equipment.





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