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Holmes Oil Co. Ltd.

Constitution Limited Company
Company Number. Registered in Scotland, No. 1342
Share Capital £100,000
Date of Incorporation 4th April 1884
Date of Dissolution 25th February 1904
Registered Office Gresham House, 45 West Nile Street, Glasgow
Oil Works Holmes Oil Works

A public company formed to progress mineral leases and other works held by William Anderson, coalmaster and provost of Wishaw. The prospectus refers to mineral leases at Holmes, Goshen and Dalmahoy, the later appears never to have been worked. The company produced only crude oil which was sold to others (notably the Linlithgow Oil Co. Ltd) for refining.

The Holmes company was wound up by order of the court on 27th October 1900 in response to a petition by the mineral landlord. On 16th November 1903, the liquidator reported that he had realised the whole assets of the company, amounting to £1,200. There was obviously nothing left for the shareholders. Scotland's First Oil Boom, The Scottish Shale-Oil Industry, 1851-1914, John McKay, Page 105


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In a Note presented to the Court of Session (Lord Stormonth-Darling, Ordinary.—Mr. M'Caul, Clerk), by James Maxtone Graham, Chartered Accountant, Edinburgh, the Official Liquidator of the above Company, for approval of Deliverances, &c., the following Order has been pronounced:— "13th March 1903.— Lord Stormonth-Darling—Act. Balfour.—

The Lord Ordinary having heard Counsel,appoints advertisement and intimation of the Note for the Liquidator, No. 41 of Process, to be made as craved, in so far as the same relates to the first three heads of the prayer annexed thereto, and allows all parties interested to lodge Answers, if so advised, within seven days after such advertisement and intimation; grants he authorities craved in the fourth and fifth heads of the said prayer, and decerns."MOIR T. STORMONTH-DARLING."

The Edinburgh Gazette, 17th March 1903

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