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James Greenshields & Son

Constitution Co- partnership
Date of Formation c. 1866
Date of Dissolution c. 1872
Office 33 Virginia Street, Glasgow
Oil Works East Fulton Shale Oil Works

The firm of James Greenshields & Son, Proprietors of East Fulton Shale Oil Works, was a partnership of James Greenshields and James Greenshields junior. Both men were also partners in the Calder Oil Company, operators of Palacecraig Oil Works. Ownership of East Fulton Shale Oil Works passed to James Liddell & Company in c.1874. It is not known if this was a consequence of the failure of James Greenshields & Son, perhaps following losses arising from a fire at East Fulton in 1871.

James Greenshields senior was principal partner in the firm of James Greenshields & Company, asphalte and waterproof cloth manufacturers, who were first listed in the Glasgow Post Office Directory in 1844. The company was re-structured following the death of James Greenshields senior and continued in business until 1908. There is no evidence that James Greenshields junior was involved in that firm.



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Directory listing in successive editions of the annual Glasgow Post Office Directory


THE Subscribers, Mrs. Ann Barr or Greenshields,widow of the deceased James Greenshields, Asphalt Manufacturer, Glasgow, John Condie, John Edward Gibson, and Thomas Brownlie, ceased, as of this date, to have any interest as sole accepting Trustees and Executors of the said deceased James Greenshields, in the Business of JAMES GREENSHIELDS & COMPANY, Asphalt Manufacturers, Glasgow. The Business will in future be carried on by the Subscribers Alexander Barr and Duncan M'Donald under the same Firm, for their own behoof. The affairs of the late Firm will be liquidated by Mr. Patrick Aikman, C.A., Glasgow. Glasgow, 1st October 1877.
Three and a quorum of the said JAMES GREENSHIELDS' Trustees.
JOHN S. WRIGHT, Witness. WM. RODIE, Witness.

The Edinburgh Gazette, 12th October 1877


The Estates of ALEXANDER BARR, Merchant,42 Bath Street, Glasgow, carrying on business under the Firm name of JAMES GREENSHIELDS & COMPANY, Export Merchants there, of which Firm the said Alexander Barr is the only Partner, were Sequestrated on the 7th day of November 1908, by the Sheriff' of Lanarkshire at Glasgow. The first Deliverance is dated the 7th day of November 1908. The Meeting to elect the Trustee and Commissioners is to b.e held at twelve o'clock noon, on Thursday the 19th day of November 1908, within the Faculty Hall, St. George's Place, Glasgow. A Composition may be offered at this Meeting; and to entitle Creditors to the first Dividend, their oaths and grounds of debt must he lodged on or before the 7th day of March 1909. All future Advertisements relating to this Sequestration will be published in the Edinburgh Gazette alone. T. W. DONALD, 172 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, Agent.

The Edinburgh Gazette, 10th November 1908


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