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Glasgow Oil Co. (Broxburn) Ltd.

Constitution Limited Company
Company Number. Registered in Scotland, No. 247
Share Capital not known
Date of Incorporation 27th June 1866
Date of Dissolution 27th April 1875
Registered Office 48 Dundas Street, Glasgow
Oil Works Broxburn (Albyn) Oil Works

A limited company formed to take over the Albyn works of Ebenezer Waugh Fernie. This was a significant undertaking employing 110. The board of directors included Robert Bell, owner of mineral rights in the Broxburn area, who contracted to supply shale to the company.

A dispute over the supply of shale to the company resulted in closure of the works in 1872 and a petition to wind up the company the following year. Legal action against Bell resulted in agreement that Bell should buy out the interests of the company and cancel his shareholding. An associated case, in which the West Calder Oil Company sued the Glasgow Oil Co. over failure to supply crude oil as contracted, was settled out of court.






THE GLASGOW OIL COMPANY (BROXBURN) Limited. NOTICE is hereby given that, by a Special Resolution of the Glasgow Oil Company (Broxburn), Limited, passed at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company, held at Glasgow on the 14th day of February 1873, and confirmed by another Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company, held on the 5th day of March 1873 it was resolved that the said Company be wound up, and be wound up voluntarily. John Anderson, 48 Dundas Street, Glasgow, was appointed Liquidator of the Company. All parties having claims against the Company are requested to lodge the same with the Liquidator. JOHN. ANDERSON, - HILL, REID & DRUMMOND W.S. Edinburgh, Agents.

The Edinburgh Gazette, 14th March 1873


COMPROMISE OF A COURT OF SESSION ACTION. Edinburgh, Friday, 2nd. In the Court of Session to-day an action was called before the Lord President and a jury, which the West Calder Oil Company sued the Glasgow Oil Company for upwards of £2000 damages, in consequence of failure in the delivery of oil. As the case was being opened, the action was compromised by the defenders paying £1500 damages.

The Falkirk Herald, 25th July 1874


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