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Dundas Shale Oil Co.

Constitution Co-partnership
Date of Formation c.1868
Date of Dissolution c.1869
Office not known
Oil Works Almondhill Oil Works

A firm established to produce oil from shales found in the Dundas estate, property of George Dundas of Dundas. R.T. Pattison was also a partner of the Kirkliston Oil Co.

The 1870 Edinburghshire County Post Office directory lists under "Kirkliston" George Anderson, Manager, Dundas Shale & Oil Co.





CLAIM BY MINERAL PROPRIETORS. Messrs R.T. Pattison, John Moncrieff Mitchell, & W H. Moncrieff, Glasgow, lessees the Dundas Shale Oil Works, and carrying on business the "Dundas Shale Oil Company," claimed to be inserted upon the roll of voters for the county as lessees of certain minerals on the estate Dundas. They held the subjects under a lease for nineteen years, at a rental of £600 per annum. The year was a trial year, and the ensuing half-year the rental per agreement was only £116, but after that the stipulated rent was paid. The tack the subjects was only signed in February last, but possession for the necessary period was not disputed. The claim was opposed by Mr Lancaster, but the objections were repelled, and the three partners admitted the roll.

Edinburgh Evening Courant, 5th October 1868


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