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Douglas & Boag

Constitution Co- partnership
Date of Formation c.1866
Date of Dissolution c.1868
Office unknown
Oil Works Avonhead Oil Works

One of a number of small-scale oil producers based at Avonhead Oil Works, supplied with shale by the Avonhead Coal Company



Import Decision in the Shale Industry
In case of the instance of the Avonhead Coal Company against Messrs Douglas & Boag. oil manufacturers. Coatbridge, concluding for damages of £1,000 for breach of agreement and failure to take delivery of certain quantities of gas coal and shale which the pursuer contracted to supply them with. Sheriff Logie, on Wednesday, in an interlocutor which went into the case at great length, gave decree for £650 besides interest and expenses.

The Hamilton Advertiser, 18th January 1868


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