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Dalmeny Oil Co. Ltd. (1896)

Constitution Limited Company
Company Number. Registered in Scotland, No. 3346
Share Capital £64,800
Date of Incorporation 26th November 1896
Date of Dissolution 6th December 1933
Registered Office Dalmeny Oil Works, by Edinburgh - 28th November 1896; 29 St Vincent Street, Glasgow - 13th November 1919; 53 Bothwell Street, Glasgow - 29th October 1921
Oil Works Dalmeny Oil Works

A company formed to take forward the interests of the Dalmeny Oil Co. Ltd (1872), retaining most of the directors of the old company. The company always worked closely with the Oakbank Oil Co. Ltd. who refined the majority of the crude oil produced at Dalmeny, and in 1916 Oakbank effectively absorbed the Dalmeny by purchasing all shares in the company.

The Dalmeny Oil Co. Ltd, along with the other surviving Scottish shale oil companies, was incorporated into the Scottish Oils group in 1919, and was wound-up in 1925.