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Clydesdale Chemical Co.

Constitution Copartnership
Date of Formation Established 1855
Date of Dissolution c.1861
Office 68 Trongate, Glasgow. 24 West Howard St. Glasgow. 81, St. Vincent St. Glasgow
Oil works Rosebank Oil Works

A company formed in 1855, the partners being those of Wm. Brown & Co., who owned two-thirds of the company, plus John Bain, who owned the land on which the Rosebank Oil Works were built. The bankruptcy of Wm. Brown & Co. in 1858 appear to have left John Bain as sole partner. The court case of E.W. Binney vs Clydesdale Chemical Company for infringement of Young's patent concluded in November 1860 with a substantial award against the Clydesdale Chemical Company. The company appears to have been wound up shortly afterwards, and a new company; Bain & Carlile, formed to take forward the business, which subsequently passed to the firm of Thomas Carlile & Co.





clydesdale adverts

  1. From The Glasgow Herald, 9th August 1858
  2. From The Preston Chronicle, 5th March 1859
  3. From The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser 9th October 1858


RUMOURED FAILURE. The Mail of Tuesday says, —Allusion was made in the commercial article in yesterday's Mail to a rumour of the stoppage of John Bain, Esq., of Morriston. We are happy to be able, on the best authority, to contradict the report in question. Mr Bain is a partner of the Clydesdale Chemical Company, a concern which was thrown into a state of embarrassment the failure of William Brown and Company, and to this fact may probably ascribed the rumours circulated for some days derogatory to Mr Bain's credit. But the whole debts of that company do not exceed £10,000, and its assets with the surplus of Mr Bain's personal property will, it is expected, fully meet its liabilities. The Chemical Company is the only trading firm with which Mr Bain is connected. His estate consists of heritable and other valuable securities, which will more than pay all his debts. The banks from which Mr Bain has advances are completely covered by such securities, that no hurt or damage can arise from Mr Bain's affairs to the banking commercial interests of the city.

The Paisley Herald and Renfrewshire Advertiser, 10th April 1858


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