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Clippens Shale Oil Co.

Constitution Co-partnership
Date of Formation Circa 1870
Date of Dissolution Dissolved circa 1878 on the formation of Clippens Oil Company Ltd
Office 16 Bothwell Street, Glasgow
Oil works Clippens Oil Works

The company, sometimes refered to as "Binning & Scott", was established in about 1870 as a co-partnership between Robert Binning and John Binning (previously partners in Robert Binning & Son) and Thomas Inglis Scott, who was a minor at the time that the deed of co-partnery was signed. Robert Binning & Son had been a progressive and apparently successful paraffin refiner operating from Blochairn Chemical Works. Thomas Inglis Scott was son of James Scott, a wealthy Glasgow businessman. The name "Clippens Shale Oil Company" appears on valuation rolls for 1870, and first appears in directories in 1872.

John Binning and Thomas Inglis Scott both lived at Clippens House between 1872 and 1874, so were presumably involved in the direction of everyday operations of "Mr. Binning's works" at Clippens. It appears that shale was purchased from Messrs. Merry and Cuninghame rather than being mined by the Clippens company.

In 1875, the company brought a court case against James Scott. The company claimed that the father, James Scott, was playing an active and sometime injudicious role in the running of the company through his son, Thomas Inglis Scott, and should be considered as the co-partner in the company rather than his son. This had a bearing on the company's financial difficulties as substantial funds were due to James Scott. Robert and John Binning withdrew from the partnership in 1876, leaving James Scott as sole partner, and in 1879 the Clippens business was launched as a public limited company; the Clippens Oil Company Ltd (1878).









Mr. Scott, Glasgow, one of the partners in the Clippens Shale Oil Company, has purchased the whole of the ironstone and coal mines at Clippens from Messrs Merry and Cuninghame. Mr. Scott has also become sole proprietor of the Clippens Shale Oil Company.

The Glasgow Herald, 4th January 1876


THE Subscribers Robert Binning and John Binning of this date retired from the CLIPPENS SHALE OIL COMPANY, carrying on business in Glasgow, and at Clippens in Renfrewshire. Glasgow, 12th June 1876. ROB. BINNING. JOHN BINNING.

The Edinburgh Gazette, 13th June 1876


CLIPPENS OIL COMPANY (LIMITED) PROSPECTUS.....The Company was incorporated on 9th February 1879, and then took over the Works, Pits, Railways, Houses, Leases, &c. together with the Stock-in-Trade of the unincorporated Company called the Clippens Shale Oil Company, of which Mr. James Scott was the then sole partner, at a price of £150,000 as per agreement hereinafter referred to.

The Scotsman, March 1882

Entries in successive editions of the annual Glasgow Post Office Directory

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