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Burntisland Oil Co. Ltd. (1881)

Constitution Limited Company
Company Number. Registered in Scotland, No. 1049A
Share Capital £?
Date of Incorporation 5th September 1881
Date of Dissolution Wound up 8th September 1892, dissolved 5th April 1894
Registered Office 34 St Andrews Square, Edinburgh - 28th Septemer 1881; 80a Princes Street, Edinburgh -. 15th January 1883
Oil Works Binnend Oil Works

A company formed to acquire Binnend Oil Works and associated mineral rights from John Wadell, who had purchased these assets on wind-up of the Binnend Oil Co. Ltd.

The company reconstructed the Binnend Oil Works, equipping them with Henderson retorts and developing a refinery and candle works. Although the company was conspicuously successful during the first few years of existance, geological problems contributed to the collapse of the company in the early 1890's.

A new company, The Burntisland Oil Co. Ltd (1893) was formed to take forward the enterprise, but met with little success



The first directors of the company are listed below:





Burntisland Oil

Advertisment from Slater's trade directory, 1882


SCOTTISH OIL SHARES. Scottish mineral oil shares were dealt in Glasgow at the lowest prices in the history the trade, The Scottish Mineral Oil Association meets today. It is feared that several of the smaller companies will withdraw from the agreement, a lender on a large quantity of shale is selling under the minimum price of 3d per lb, and it is feared that the liquidator of the Burntisland Company may do the same.

The Edinburgh Evening News, 21st September 1892

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