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Oil companies, works and mines

A directory of all firms known to have produced or refined shale or coal oil in Scotland, linked to information on some of the entrepreneurs and engineers behind these enterprises. Also a number of gazetteer identifying the property owned or operated by these companies, and the history of these operations.

Shale and Coal Oil enterprises within Scotland

Oil works

A gazetteer of sites where coal or shale oil was made or refined.

Shale mines

A gazetteer of sites where shale was worked for oil production

Company housing

A gazetteer of worker's housing built or leased by the oil companies

Oil companies

Firms involved in the production or processing of coal or shale oil.


Businessmen and inventors associated with the oil industry

Engineering firms

Scots firms supplying oil equipment and services throughout the world.

Shale and Coal Oil enterprises beyond Scotland

With particular reference to oil industries that shared business or trade links with Scotland, employed Scottish technologies, or illustrate the context and significance of the Scottish shale oil industry.

North Wales

A gazetteer and history of the coal-oil industry in North Wales.


A gazetteer and history of the coal-oil and shale oil in England


Shale or coal oil works overseas with Scottish associations


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