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Straiton Oil Works

Location 55.883999, -3.163541 show in map
Former parish and county Parish of Liberton, Edinburghshire
Current local authority area Midlothian
Construction history Initially constructed c.1866
Ownership history William Taylor & Company, Straiton Estate Company Ltd, Straiton Oil Company Ltd, Midlothian Oil Company Ltd, Clippens Oil Company Ltd (Old), Clippens Oil Company Ltd (New)
Demolition history Production ceased c.1898 but the works survived in a derelict date for a further decade
Current status of site Retail park


Redwood notes that the site was operated by the Straiton Oil Company between 1877 and 1882, and then became the property of the Clippens Oil Company. He also observes "The Straiton Oil Company also started in this year (1877) with a capital of £50,000. It was anything but a booming success......... In 1882 the Straiton Oil Company Limited got into such straitened circumstances that it had to be either financially reconstructed, or else give up the business. As there still appeared to be plenty of people with more money than brains, ready to rush into the oil business, sufficient capital was soon raised to buy out the Straiton Oil Company, and carry on business under the name of the Midlothian Oil Company Limited........... 1884 (saw the amalgamation of) the Midlothian Company and the Clippens Company."

Under ownership of the Clippens Oil Company Straiton Oil Works and Refinery were worked in association with the adjacent Pentland Oil Works. Oil production was suspended in 1897 as the consequence of a long and complex legal case with the Edinburgh and District Water Trust which was not concluded until 1907. By that time the works had fallen derelict and never returned to production.

Valuation Records

Entries between 1866 and 1890. Download details


Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.