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Beyond Scotland

The context and influence of the Scottish shale oil industry

The World

A 1920's view of the world, featuring Britain surrounded by her "overseas possessions"


Oil has always been an international industry. To properly appreciate the significance and impact of the Scottish shale oil industry it is necessary to consider the marketplace in which the industry competed, and the links that existed between Scottish oil businesses and those elsewhere in Britain, and overseas. The Scottish oil industry influenced development of oil enterprises in many parts of the world, but was itself shaped by fierce competition from imported petroleum.

This section of the website will explore shale-oil and coal-oil production elsewhere in the world that was inspired or influenced by the Scottish oil industry. It may also touch on the Scottish contribution to petroleum production overseas. So far, only the coal oil and shale oil industries of England and Wales have been researched in any detail, although unordered notes are presented here covering some other areas where oil was produced from coal or shale..

As always, all assistance with this ambitious research project would be very welcome; please let us know if you have an interest in progressing areas of research that can be published through this website.




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