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Plas-Yn-Mhowys Coal, Cannel & Ironstone Co. Ltd.

Constitution Limited company
Company number 1327C
Share capital £5,000
Date of Incorporation 2nd January 1864
Date of Dissolution c. 1867 ?
Registered Office Plas-Yn- Mhowys Oil Works
Property Plas-Yn-Mhowys Oil Works and cannel mines

A company established by local business interests with a broad range of objectives related to mining, the sale of minerals, and the manufacturing of products from them. John William Harden was judge to the County Court of Cheshire, Lewis Richard Morgan was High Bailiff. Edward Claudius Walker of the Leadworks, Chester was a magistrate of the city.


Extract from Articles of Association

Articles of Association of the PLAS-YN-MHOYS COAL, CANNEL, AND IRONSTONE COMPANY, LIMITED, made this second day of JANUARY 1864. It is agreed that:

and all other persons who have already subscribed, or who shall subscribe, to the Undertaking, established by these Articles, and their Executors, Administrators and Assigns respectively, are hereby united in a joint stock company, to be registered under the statute or statutes in that behalf, with Limited Liability, for the purposes hereinafter mentioned and declared of and concerning the same, and according to to the number of Shares set opposite their names in the Schedule hereto respectively.

The Objects for which the Company is established are;

The Capital of the Company shall be £5,000, divided into 500 Shares of £10 each, but it shall be lawful for the Company, with the consent of three-fourths in number and value of the Shareholders present at a Special General Meeting, to be called for that purpose, to increase the Capital by creation of new Shares, to any amount not exceeding £20,000














































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