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G & F. Milthorp

Constitution A co partnership
Date of Formation pre- 1865
Date of Dissolution post- 1873
Registered Office not known
Property Mold Valley Oil Works (or other works at Padeswood?)

G. F. Milthorp is included in the 1865 Coal Commission list and listed in the 1868 Slater's trade directory as having works at Padeswood, producing paraffin.


as "Milthorp and Glover"

as "G. & F. Milthorp"


NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between George Milthorp and Francis Milthorp, both of Wakefield, in the county of York, and William Glover, of Padeswood, in the county of Flint, now carrying on the business of Extractors and Refiners of Oil from Coal, at Padeswood, in the said county of Flint, under the firm of Milthorp and Glover, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent, and that the business will in future be carried on by the said George Milthorp and Francis Milthorp, by whom all debts due to and owing from the said copartners will be received and paid.— Dated this 16th day of September, 1865. G. Milthorp. Francis Milthorp. William Glover

The London Gazette, 22nd September 1865


Impetuous Jack. — Humphreys v. Milthorpe. — The claim in this case was for £7 0s. 6d., and the plaintiff is a bricklayer at Buckley, and had been working for defendant at their oil works in Buckley last year. — Mr Taylor, of Chester, now asked that the case should be adjourned to next court, as Mr Roper, who had been instructed for the plaintiff, was at the funeral of his father. — Mr Allen, who appeared for defendant, agreed, provided the costs were allowed — that of the manager, Mr Goodison, and two witnesses. — Mr Goodison asked for his railway fare, and was told to be quiet by the judge. —

Mr Taylor : Are you not known by the name of Impetuous Jack ? —

Mr Goodison : That is a very impertinent question.—

His Honour: Don't you be impertinent, sir. If the managers of these works were better able to manage themselves, we should not have so many riots in Mold. —

Mr Goodison : I am not in Mold, your Honour. —

His Honor : No, nor in your senses either. (Laughter,) — The case was adjourned, the plaintiff to pay the costs.

Wrexham Advertiser, 18th February 1871





































































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