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Coppa Oil Co. Ltd.

Constitution Limited company
Company number 974C
Share capital £30,000
Date of Incorporation 13th Febraury 1864
Date of Dissolution 1871
Registered Office Birmingham?
Property Coppa Oil Works

A limited company formed to take ownership of the Coppa Oil Works which were previously operated as a private concern by the individuals who were the first directions of the new company.

The articles of association of the company state;

The Directors shall do all necessary acts for vesting in the Company the benefit, and transferring to the said Company the liability of Messieurs Thomas Short the Younger and Matthias Royce Griffin, under an Agreement in writing dated the third day of February 1864 made between Henry Griffiths, Richard Griffiths, and Robert Griffiths on one part and them the said Thomas Short the Younger and Matthias Royce Griffin of the other (being an agreement to sell and purchase, for a sum of £6,000, of oil works and premises at Coppa, near Mild, in the County of Flint, and plant thereon, and for granting of a lease of surface land on which the said works stand, and of a railway siding running from the said works in the Frith Branch of the L&NWR, near Padeswood, for the term of 21 years from the first day of February 1864 at a yearly rent of £85, and for sale and purchase of Cannel Coal), and shall procure, join in, and execute all necessary conveyances, assignments, transfers, leases, or other assurances for carrying out the intent of the said agreement,"

For a period this major undertaking was engaged in a national trade in oil products. On wind up of the limited company in 1871, the business was taken forward by the Coppa Oil Company, a partnership of Thomas Short the younger, Matthias Royce Griffith (both previously directors of the limited company) and John Thompson.




...crude coal oils are abundant; that manufactured by the Coppa Oil Company is generally liked, and the price is £19 10s per ton of 20 cwt

The Belfast News-Letter, 9th January 1865


So important to crude oil makers is an enterprising refining firm that oil is carried from all parts of Britain to be refined at Stirling,—one Welsh firm alone, the Coppa Oil Company,—sending 1000 barrels monthly.

The Stirling Observer, 1st March 1866 - Description of the Forthbank chemical works,


COPPA OIL COMPANY, LIMITED. This company, which is of local origin, and whose shares are mainly held in Birmingham, held its annual meeting on Wednesday, at the works, near Mold, Mr. Thomas Short, the chairman of the board, presided. A dividend at the rate of 10 per cent, was declared. The company has recently been extended, and the three partners of a neighbouring colliery, producing cannel coal, have been admitted, so as to place the company on a wider basis, both with respect to capital and a supply of coals. The works are very important, and are said to be admirably arranged

The Birmingham Daily Post, 5th March 1866


TO OIL MERCHANTS, &c, - The Coppa Oil Company Limited are now open to treat with responsible parties in Liverpool and district for the exclusive sale of their celebrated Crystal Burning oil, Lubricating Oil, and other products. Only such applications will be entertained where sales are guaranteed by responsible parties, - Apply to the Coppa Oil Company Limited, Padeswood, near Mold, Flintshire.

The Liverpool Mercury, 22nd May 1867


Mold : Bankruptcy Case.— William Brace, of the Coppa Oil Works Company (Limited).—ln the Bankruptcy Court, Liverpool, on Monday last, the first meeting of this case was held for the purpose of choosing assignees when Mr. John Ledward, of Chester, was appointed. The bankrupt attributes his failure to the suspension of a gentleman at Newcastle-on-Tyne, who owed him a large sum of money, and the pressure of his creditors. Mr. John Birkbeck, oil manufacturer, near Mold, tendered a proof respect of a breach of contract as to the delivery of some; but as his claim partook of the nature of unliquidated damages, it could not be received at this meeting, but will be assessed by jury at special meeting to be hereafter called for that purpose. Mr. J. P. Cartwright, of Chester, was appointed solicitor the case.

The Chester Chronicle; 8th February 1868



Notice is hereby given that all persons claiming to be Creditors of this company (which is being wound-up under the provisions of the Companies Act 1862) are required to sen to me, the undersigned, R.A. Kemp, the liquidator, at my office, 37 Edmund-street Birmingham, on or before the 24th day of June 1871, particulars of their debts or claims against the company, or in default thereof they will be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before such claims are made – dated this 30th day of May 1871 - R.A. KEMP, 37, Edmund-street Birmingham

The Liverpool Mercury, 3rd June 1871


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