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Canneline Oil Co. Ltd. (1861)

Constitution Limited company
Company number 2536
Share capital not known
Date of Incorporation 1861
Date of Dissolution c.1869
Registered Office not known
Property Canneline Oil Works

Presumably on wind-up of this company in 1869, a new company, also named the Canneline Oil Co. Ltd was formed to carry forward its interests.



(Before Vice-Chancellor Sir JOHN STUART)

This was an action on behalf of Messrs. Young, Meldrum, and Binney, of Bathgate, in the county of Linlithgow, for an injunction to restrain the defendants, who carry on business in North Wales, from manufacturing or selling any paraffin oil, or oil containing paraffin, or paraffin made in infringement of the patent granted to the plaintiff James Young, in october 1850 Sir HUGH CAIRNS, Q.C., and Mr. LAWSON, supported the motion, and Mr. MALINS, Q.S., and Mr. FISCHER, resisted it. After some discussion, the following order was made by arrangement between the parties:- £400 to be paid by the defendants to the plaintiffs within 28 days from today as a compromise, and in full of all claims by the plaintiffs, for past workings by the defendants; a royalty of 3d. per gallon to be paid by the defendants to the plaintiffs from the present time until the expiration of the plaintiff's patent on the 17th October next on oil oil manufactured by the defendants according to the plaintiff's process, an account of the oil so made to be taken monthly, and the royalty of 3d. Per gallon to be paid within a fortnight afterwards; the royalty so to be paid to be returned by the plaintiff's to the defendants if the bill in Young v. Fernie, lately decided in this branch of the court and now under appeal in the House of Lords, should be dismissed, and the costs of this suit to abide the result of Young v. Fernie

The Journal of Gas Lighting, Water Supply and Sanitary Improvement, 9th August 1864


The Canneline Oil Company (Limited) – At the extraordinary general meeting of the members of the said company, duly convened at the Guildhall Coffee House, Gresham-street in the city of London on the 23rd day of November 1868, the following special resolutions were duly passed.."That this Meeting is of opinion that the Company ought to be wound up voluntarily," and it is hereby resolved that the same be wound up voluntarily, and that Edward William Roberts, and George Walton, be and are hereby appointed the Liquidators of this Company." - Richard Ellis, Chairman of the Meeting.

The London Gazette, 8th January 1869


In the Matter of the Canneline Oil Company Limited; Completion of Voluntary Winding-up of Old Company. I, the undersigned Liquidator of the above Company, hereby give notice, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1862, section 142, that a General Meeting of the Shareholders of the said Company will be held on the 14th day of February next, at half-post two o'clock in the afternoon, at No. 62, Bishopsgate street, in the city of London; the object of the meeting is to lay before the Shareholders an account, showing the manner in which the voluntary winding up of the above Company has been conducted and the property of the Company disposed of.—Dated this 8th day of January, 1872. Edwd. W. Roberts, Liquidator.

The London Gazette, 12th January 1872


































































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