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Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

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Details of the Postcards

  • show 1. "Bandstand, James Wood Public Park, Armadale", by Archer, Armadale, postmarked 1909. LVSAV 2011.016
  • show 2. "Lower Bathville", by Marr, Stationer, Armadale. LVSAV 2010.090
  • show 3. "Station Road, Armadale". LVSAV 2011.009
  • show 4. "Station Road, Armadale", by Archer, Armadale. LVSAV 2011.016
  • show 5. "Station Road, Armadale", by Geo. F. Colquhon, The Cross, Armadale. LVSAV 2011.156
  • show 6. "Public Hall, Armadale", postmarked 1908. LVSAV 2011.012
  • show 7. "U.F. Church, South St. Armadale". LVSAV 2012.011
  • show 8. "U.F. Church, South St., Armadale", Mrs A. Marr, Stationer, Armadale. LVSAV 2011.010
  • show 9. "East Main Street, Armadale", by Archer, Stationer, Armadale, postmarked 1918. LVSAV 2011.039
  • show 10. "At Barbauchlaw Avenue, Armadale". The Milton Series, postmarked 1934. LVSAV 2010.119
  • show 11. "West Main St., Armadale". Hartman Series 6520, postmarked 1908. LVSAV
  • -- Peeps at Armadale -- , postmarked 1908. LVSAV 2010.084

More about Armadale

"Armadale (pop. 4927) is a burgh and the town is a product of the development of coal mining in the district within the past 80 years. A new housing scheme had greatly improved the aspect of the place. It has a public park, gifted by James Wood, Esq., of Wallhouse, a Town Hall, and a handsomely equipped Institute erected under the Miners' Welfare Scheme."

"Barbauchlaw Burn, north west of the town, has some charming rural scenery, and here is "The Dell" celebrated in Scottish song in "Jessie o' the Dell," written by William Cameron while he was schoolmaster here. Within the last decade the town has made remarkable progress, due to the enterprise of an able and energetic Town Council. Bathville, with large steel works (Dickson and Mann's and the Atlas) and a brick manufactory, Cappers and Woodend are practically suburbs of Armadale"

From "Official Guide to Linlithgow - The West Lothian" c.1925 - LVSAV 2014.055. Download full document


Local history websites.....

  • DavieKerrWalk.com. A wonderful site of images, videos and reminiscences, featuring a guided walk through the history of Armadale celebrating the life of historian and poet, Davie Kerr. There's also a downloadable app enabling you to take Davie's commentary with you as you explore the town.
  • Armadale.org,uk. A community website, much of which is devoted to the History of Armadale Association. A wealth of fascinating pages with information and images exploring the social and family history of Armadale, and much, much,more besides.
  • ArmadaleWL, Facebook page

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