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A Recognised Collection of National Importance

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West Calder area - sheet 25

Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

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Details of the Postcards

  • show 1. "Charlesfield House, Livingstone", probably by Robert Braid, LVSAV 2015.082
  • show 2. "Alderstone", by Robert Braid, LVSAV 2011.092
  • show 3. "Bellsquarry", The Albany Series No.1415, postmarked 1904. LVSAV 2012.051
  • show 4. "On Limefield Road, West Calder", by Robert Braid. LVSAV 2015.022
  • show 5. "On Limefield Bridge, near Bellsquarry, West Calder", by Robert Braid. LVSAV 2011.037
  • show 6. "Waterfall, Limefield Glen, West-Calder", by Robert Braid. LVSAV 2013.042
  • show 7. "Limefield Falls", Albany Series No. 1410, R. Wells Brown, West Calder, postmarked 1906. LVSAV 2011.068
  • show 8. "New Houses, West Calder". LVSAV 2013.071
  • show 9. "Parkhead Crescent, West Calder", by J. Wilson, 63 Main St., West Calder, LVSAV 2015.031
  • show 10. "Limefield House, West Calder", R. Braid, postmarked 1907.

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