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Benhar area - sheet 5

Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

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Details of the PostcardsPostcard

  • shownow 1. "Lead Loch Avenue, Fauldhouse", by Cartwright, Fauldhouse. LVSAV 2016.027
  • show 2. "Shotts Rd. Fauldhouse" by Mrs. Watson, Stationer, Fauldhouse, LVSAV 2013.081
  • shownow 3. "Fauldhouse Station C.R.", by J. Cartwright, Stationer, Fauldhouse, postmarked 1913. LVSAV 2011.064
  • show 4. "West End, Fauldhouse", by Mrs Watson, Stationer, Fauldhouse. LVSAV 2011.066
  • shownow 5. "West End, Fauldhouse". LVSAV 2010.152
  • show 6. "West End, Fauldhouse, by A.K. Cartwright, Fauldhouse, postmarked 1907, LVSAV 2013.080
  • show 7. "The Cottages, Hillhead, Fauldhouse", by Mrs. Murray, Main Street, Fauldhouse. LVSAV 2011.015

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