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Local Guides and Histories

County Guides


"Linlithgowshire - Cambridge County Geographies"

by T.S. Muir, Cambridge University Press, 1912. LVSAV2011.114. (12MB)


"Official Guide. Linlithgow - the West Lothian",

published by the Simmath Press Ltd. c.1925, 46pp. LVSAV2014.055 (8MB)

"West Lothian Tourist Handbook"

published by Ed. J. Burrow & Co., c.1960, 32pp. LVSAV2008.002 (5MB)


"New Business Map of Linlithgowshire"

published by the Leicester Printing and Publishing Co. c.1905. LVSAV1984.112 (8MB)



Local Histories


"The Histories and Antiquities of the Parish of Midcalder"

by Hardy Bertram M'Call, published by Richard Cameron, Edinburgh, 1894, 272pp. LVSAV2014.067 (42MB)



"The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Uphall",

by Rev. James Primrose, Bryce & Murray Ltd. Glasgow 1898, LVSAV2016.090 (14MB)

"History of West Calder, compiled from various sources of information by a Native"

by William Cochrane Learmonth, printed by A. H. Aitken, Reporter office,1885. LVSAV2015.025 (1MB)





Organisational Histories


"West Calder and its Cooperative Society"

printed by Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society, 1896, pp.142, LVSAV2006.001 (23MB)




Residents' Guides


"Residents' Handbook"

printed by Lingston Development Corporation in 1973, for use by new council house tenants (12.97MB)








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