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The Utilisation of Spent Shale

The Scottish oil companies have from time to time over a period of many years made experiments with the view to the utilisation of the immense deposits of spent shale in the vicinity of the works, but success has not so far crowned their efforts. At West Calder these deposits, which have been accumulating since 1865, amount to millions of tons. A company has been formed to establish a new industry in the neighbourhood of Young's Oil Company's works, and the success this venture may solve the problem of the utilisation of the spent shale bings. The intention of the promoters of this industry manufacture the spent, shale into material for house-building and pavement, etc., an admixture chemicals. The spent shale is very friable, but cohesion is obtained by the use of chemicals. Young's Oil Company are to supply the meantime only their daily production of spent shale, but if the industry thrives, the huge quantities binged will be available. The material being used at present in the construction of buildings which are being erected for the housing of workmen who are to be employed in its manufacture.

Aberdeen Journal, 9th June 1909


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