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Oil on Troubled Waters

Mr John Sansom, oil refiner, Port Dundas, has patented an apparatus for throwing oil on rough or broken water at sea for the purpose of rendering it perfectly smooth.  The apparatus constructed by Mr Sansom is an exceedingly simple invention consisting mainly of a tank for containing the oil, with a contrivance by which the oil is spread over the water.  The principal feature in the invention, however, is the composition of the oil, which is also a patent.  One of the machines has been tested on board a small craft belonging to the Earl of Glasgow, and his Lordship has written to say that although the sea was comparatively smooth at the time of the experiment sufficient was accomplished to indicate the value of the apparatus in rougher weather.  The machine is made of various sizes to suit steamers, ships, or yachts. - Glasgow Herald

Dundee Evening Telegraph, 10th May 1884


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