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1911 - Waverley Market, Edinburgh


Grand Show of Cars in Edinburgh


Anyone interested in Scottish petrol should call at the "Ross Petrol" exhibit and learn something to their advantage. Ross petrol was used by Hugh Kennedy in his (?) h.p. Minerva when he lifted the Scottish Cup in the last Scottish trials for lowest consumption. It is put up in tins and cases just like the ordinary American brands, and can be had at all the leading garages. Support home industries by giving it a trial. I know it to be good.

Dundee Courier, 28th January 1911


1912 - Kelvingrove, Glasgow



In point of magnitude, the Scottish Motor Exhibition, which opens today for the first time in Glasgow, has eclipsed every other similar venture attempted outside London. By its removal from the Waverley Market, Edinburgh, the Scottish Motor Show has gained an increase of 50 per cent in floor space.


The accessory manufacturers play a very important part in the motor show this year, and almost every firm of any standing is represented. Amongst the most prominent are the "PGR" Motor Spirit, the Ross Petrol, and Dunlop Tyre Companies. The proprietors of PGR which stands for Petroles de Grosnyi (Russia) own as many as 50 oil wells, all situated in the most profitable part of the oilfields. This petrol is one the most moderate priced on the market, and its quality is of a very high order. Ross's petrol is already well known amongst motorists in Scotland and the south as not to need any description here. This firm has however, a tastefully-decorated stand, on which many samples are on view, and any literature concerning the spirit may be had at the stand. It is interesting, however, to note the large number of petrol consumption prizes which were won last summer in the north on Ross's. The Dunlop Tyre Company have, as usual, an extraordinarily comprehensive range of tyres, wheels, and puncture-mending apparatus on view, and the stand cannot fail to attract a large crowd of interested visitors.

Aberdeen Journal, 12th January 1912




A new brand of petrol is shown on the stand of the Strathclyde Paint Co of Glasgow. PGR is its title. Judging by a mass of testimonials received by the company, its chief features seem to be an absence of smell and smoke during combustion, the result being a clean engine and a saving in the petrol bill. PGR is a Russian spirit, and the letters stand for Petroles de Grosnyi (Russia), the title of the firm owning vast oilfields in the Caucasus. Stand 94 is where you can see this. James Ross & Co., Philpstoun Oil Works, Linlithgow, occupy Stand 100 with their well-known "Ross Petrol," an entirely Scottish product of a very high class.


An attractive and interesting exhibit at the Scottish Motor Show is that of Messrs James Ross & Co, Philpstoun Oil Works, Linlithgow. Visitors should make a point of carefully perusing the series of literature giving information as to the records obtained, and the experience of motorists in using this spirit, which is entirely a Scottish product. For power and cleanliness it is most satisfactory in all respects. It will be remembered that in the hill-climbing test on Redpath Rig, near Melrose, all the winners ran their motor cycles on "Ross," surely an eloquent tribute to its efficiency.


Messrs Andrew Willison & Co, 20 Panmure Street, Dundee, are the local agents for this powerful and most economical spirit, which, it is claimed, gives more mileage to the gallon than any other spirit. Many of the cars which have been to the front in the leading competitions have been propelled by the popular Oakbank spirit.



The Most Powerful and Most Economical Spirit Manufactured. More Mileage to the Gallon than any other Spirit. Cheaper than any Foreign Spirit, Sold by the Leading Garages in Scotland. Many Prizes have been gained at the Leading Competitions in Scotland by Cars using this Spirit. If your Dealer does not sell it apply to the Wholesale District Agents.



(Tel No. 1688), who can Deliver it, Carriage Paid, at a Moment's Notice from their Store in Tins and Cases or Steel Barrels.

Dundee Courier, 13th January 1912


1927 - Kelvin Hall, Glasgow


The Scottish Oil Agency (Ltd) Glasgow, have an attractive stand, of which the main features are self-measuring kerbside one-gallon and five-gallon pumps for the sale of B.P. motor spirit, Scottish motor spirit, and national benzole mixture. There are also on view tins showing the various colours used for the different grades of B.P. Motor spirit and national benzole mixture. It will be recalled that B.P. Pumps were recently altered in colour to green, in order to secure greater harmony with rural surroundings. “B.P.” is the product of the Anglo-Persian Oil Co. (Ltd.)

The Scotsman, 11th November 1927


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