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Great Olympia Show


1910 - London

Petrol is well represented by the Anglo-American Oil Company (Pratts), the British Petroleum Co. (Shell), the Gas Light Improvement Co. (Carburine), Carless Capel, James Ross & Co., &c., and some pretty souvenirs are to be had from these stands.

I was much interested in the display made by James Ross & Company, of Philpstoun. Here you are shown the whole process of “canning” and packing the famous “Ross” petrol which has carried many a motorist to victory in the sport of automobilism, gaining to the manufacturers many certificates from the Automobile Club.  It was on “Ross” petrol that Hugh Kennedy gained the Scottish Cup in the recent trials with his silent knight “Minerva”. “Ross” being a Scottish product, the history of its development is most interesting, and a copy of “How Ross Spirit is Made” should be procured at Stand 45.

Dundee Courier, 29th January 1910


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