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The Scottish Mineral Oil & Coal Company (Limited)

NORTH COBINSHAW and BAADS ESTATES, Edinburghshire and Lanarkshire

Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 and 1867.

CAPITAL £150,000 in 15,000 shares of £10 each. First issue £100,000 in 10,000 shares of £10 each, £1payable on application, and £2 on allotment,; £2 on 1st October; £2 on 1st November; £3 on 1st December.

With the Option of paying up the whole on Allotment, in which case Discount at the rate of 5 per Cent, per Annum will be deducted.



In Scotland

In England








This Company will commence business with a source of supply of minerals as abundant and cheap as any in the Kingdom, and this is an advantage which the Directors feel themselves to have been fortunate in securing, lnamuch as Shale fields are limited, and have been In much demand by those who are engaged in the manufacture of Mineral Oils. The calculations submitted show a gross profit of £30,000. per annum, nearly 30 per cent, on the Capital of this Company.

The Engineer's Report show in Cobinshaw and in Baads a quantity of above 5,000,000 Tons of Shale which may be got at a moderate depth In the seams known as "Raeburn's" and "Fells", without including the Shales which lie deeper. This quantity is sufficient to produce upwards of 150,000,000 Gallons of Oil, to manufacture which It would require a period of sixty yearn at the rate of 50,000 gallons a week.

An arrangement has been made for the purchase of the leases of these Lands, containing 200 Acres of Minerals with a going Work already thereon, including Retorts Mining Appliances, and Workmen's Houses, &c., and the privilege of a a Railway Siding completed from the Caledonian Railway Into .the Works. and also benefit of the above-mentioned Invention, for the sum of £25,000, the whole of which the Vendor agrees to take in shares, with the exception of the sum to cover the risk of the preliminary expenditure.


The Glasgow Herald, 17th September 1872


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