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Shale Oil

by MacNib - written circa 1962

This poem laments the end of the preferential rate of tax on home produced road fuels, the resulting demise demise of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry and the impact upon the people of West Lothian

Oh, for a vitriolic spot
Of ink as used by Wattie Scott
That aince to England gied it hot
As "Malagrowther,"
When, just to save the Scottish side,
He dug his shoulder -

Oh' for a touch of Robin's pen
When he expressed for Scottish men
Our wrath and indignation whe
They taxed our whisky
Wil guid invective now, ye ken
We'll no sae frisky -

The viol of our wrath we'd skare
Ament this tax, on Scottish shale
That gars the Lothian life to ail
For want o' works:
Had we the smeddum o' the Gael
Gael We'd heeze the dirk -

Shale oil came first a century syne
Wi' treaties name, and nae pipe line
Nae shikels for the sheiiks but fine
It sewed its' time
And now, to let it stew and pine
Sirs, its' a crime -

© MacNib

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