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In Memory: John Wilson, Miners' Agent

by John Hastie - printed on 12th April 1910 in the Linlithgowshire Gazette


Fired with a love for all the toiling kind,

But most for those who burrow underground,

He spent his life and all his powers of mind

To ease the darg to which their lives were bound.


He wondered sometimes if it was God's will

That such a sacrifice so little won,

Sending their "hard-holed" shale up to the hill,

To make a puny rival to the sun.


He saw what man might be, if he but thought

How fair the world could be for heart and mind;

He never said a thing was dearly bought,

If only it would help to raise mankind.


The light that never shone on sea or land,

Transcending all the aims of mortal men,

Captured his soul, insistent in demand,

For heaven's door was open to his ken.


And so to-day we do not grudge his rest,

Although we grieve for those he left behind.

He had the Visuion, as his life confessed

In noble deeds, and riches of the mind.



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