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Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Company Ltd - Marketing

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Particulars of trademarks registered by Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Company Ltd:

Trademark Trademark Title Registration Number Date of Registration Goods Specified
YoungsParaffinLightAndMineralOilCoTrademark1 Youngs Patent Paraffin 3394 (Class 4) 4th March 1876 Paraffin wax used for manufacturing purposes
YoungsParaffinLightTrademark2 Youngs Patent Paraffin 3394 (Class 47) 4th March 1876 Crude paraffin wax used for illuminating purposes and refined paraffin wax used for illuminating purposes
YoungsParaffinLightTrademark3 Youngs Patent Paraffin Oil 3395 4th March 1876 Burning paraffin oil and mineral lubricating oil
YoungsParaffinLightTrademark4 Youngs Paraffin Candles 28728 25th August 1882 Candles



Letterhead Date
1909YoungsLetterhead 1909
1909LetterheadYoungs 1909
1923YoungsLetterhead 1923

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