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About the museum and this website

Museum of the Scottish shale oil industry

Almond Valley Heritage Trust is an accredited museum, established in 1990, and incorporating the interests of various existing community projects, including the “Livingston Oil Museum”. This oil museum began collecting and recording the heritage of the shale oil industry early in the 1980's

Our museum collection has been continually developed through donations and acquisitions from individuals and organisations, and continues to grow. It is now designated as a “Recognised Collection” of National importance to Scotland; a status that brings with it a responsibility to play a national and international role in sharing and promoting interest in the heritage of this special industry.

Almond Valley is also custodian of the “BP archive” - the surviving official records of those Scottish shale oil companies that were absorbed into the BP Oil group. We are not resourced to provide a conventional search room facility, but instead aim to make this wealth of information available on-line in digital form. This huge task is only possible through the efforts of a team of dedicated volunteers, engaged in an ongoing programme of digitisation, transcription and research works.

In its later days, the shale oil industry was centred on West Lothian, and did much to shape the landscape, economy and communities of the county. Much of our work is concerned with involving and engaging local audiences in celebrating this special and distinctive local heritage. We are proud to work closely with West Lothian Council in serving local communities and delivering museum services to the people of West Lothian through a service contract.


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Visiting the museum

The Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry is one feature of the Almond Valley Heritage Centre, a popular visitor destination that promotes learning as part of an enjoyable family day out. Much of our museum collection is on display within exhibitions that offer a popular introduction to the shale oil industry.

Almond Valley is open daily throughout the year, and details opening hours, admission charges and other infomation on planning your visit can be found at www.almondvalley.co.uk


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Almond Valley Heritage Trust
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We are happy to licence use of many images, extracts, and other resources of this website under a Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial licence (Scotland). See full copyright statement. Such material should be attributed to Almond Valley Heritage Trust and, where practical, a hyperlink provided to www.scottishshale.co.uk.