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Wax Packer

Wax Packer

Packing candles at Broxburn Candle Works c. 1930. (R10-00227)


A wax packer worked in the wax despatch department at the oil refinery.

Wages & Working Hours

In 1958, an Agreement Between the Scottish Shale Oil Companies and the National Union of Shale Miners & Oil Workers records that a male packer earned 3s 11⅞d per shift and a female packer earned 3s 3⅞ per shift. Day workers worked an average of 44 hours per week (5 days one week and 5.5 days the next week). Three shift or double shift workers worked a 6 day week of 48 hours.


"I went on to an American machine for box making. The boxes were used for packing wax that they made, up at the wax sheds. Miners wax. They had this machine for making the cakes of wax, and that's where they packed them into wooden boxes. They (the boxes) went from the joiners shop to the wax shed, this is where this machine was, for producing the cakes of wax". TH, Pumpherston Refinery

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