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also Apprentice Fitter, Foreman Fitter, Leading Fitter, Maintenance Engineer, Engineer Repairist

A fitter was engaged on assembly, installation, maintenance, repair and dismantling of mechanical plant and equipment at the mines, oil works and refineries. The trade of a fitter was a qualified and skilled career that took many years to learn. An apprenticeship would usually start between the ages of 14 and 16 and last for 5 years. Once the apprenticeship was served the fitter would normally stay in this trade for the rest of their working life.


Seven fitter's tools, formerly the property of William Brown Gilchrist, a fitter / turner with Scottish Oils at Deans Oil Works and Middleton Hall. LVSAV2004.001 David Newton (Junior), engineer at Pumpherston at work, circa 1955. R10-00778
fitters tools fitter on pipe

Wages & Working Hours

The average weekly wage of a fitter in 1886 was 26s 0d and the working hours were normally 57 hours over 6 days (Board of Trade Census of Wages).

In 1923 an apprentice fitter started on a weekly wage of 12s, which rose to 13s 6d in 1924, 15s in 1925, 18s in 1926 and to 22s in 1927 which was the final year of the apprenticeship.

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Engineering Workshops at Middleton Hall R13-00034.050




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