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Candlemakers at broxburn

Candle moulding frames in use at Broxburn Candleworks c.1920. R10-00233

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James Betts Ruffell, Candlemaker

James Betts Ruffell was born in Greenwich in 1872 and moved as a young boy with his family to Broxburn where his father had taken up a post as Candlemaker. Both James and his brother George followed in their father and grandfather's footsteps and became candlemakers at the Broxburn Oil Company. George's working life at Broxburn was short lived as he moved to the Burmah Oil Company in India and died there in 1914. James, however, continued to work and live in Broxburn and built a strong relationship with the area, owning a large number of houses including Sunnyside Cottage where he died in 1924. During his life he married Elizabeth Aitken Russell (born 1874, died 1926) and had 14 children, the majority of whom left Broxburn to settle in England and Australia. Although it is unclear whether any of their children became candlemakers, records state that two of their sons continued to work in the Scottish Shale Oil Industry.



Portraits of James and Elizabeth Ruffell. (LVSAV 1998.062)


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