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Robert Thompson Pattison



CARRIAGE ACCIDENTS AT KIRKCALDY. Yesterday, while Mrs Robert Thompson Pattison and Miss Moncrieff, her sister, present residing at Drinkbetween Farm, near Kirkcaldy, were driving through Link town on their way home, they met with seiious accident. Miss Moncrieff, who was driving, allowed her trap to collide with a baker's van, with the result that the shock brought down the horse and broke the shaft. The animal at once got up, and the broken shaft causing the vehicle to fall. Miss Moneritff was pitched out of the machine, while the broken woodwork striking the animal's legs, bolted off. Mrs Pattison caught hold of the reins, but she failed stop the horse, and was ultimately tossed out herself. Her clothes unfortunately became entangled with the machine, and she was dragged along the street for a considerable distance before she was flung clear.

The Dundee Courier, 1st May 1894


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