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Possil Oil Works

Location Various and uncertain. Lambhill Bridge = ,55.896874, -4.265866. show in map
Former parish and county Parish of Barony, Lanarkshire
Current local authority area City of Glasgow
Construction history 1860s
Ownership history Various
Demolition history Early 1870's
Current status of site Various


Redwood lists three oilworks in the Possil area of Glasgow

Memoirs of the Geological Survey (see snippets) record that the Possil sub-group of the Limestone Coals contain "several valuable coal seams with which cannels and blackband ironstones are frequently associated", and provides an example of a seam which contained bands of cannel and ironstone. Many ironstone pits are marked on the first edition OS map (surveyed 1858), and it seems probable that the cannel coal mined along with ironstone was used for oil production.

The 1858 OS map shows two groups of ironstone pits in the Possil area. A cluster of pits to the north of High Possil Farm were linked by tramways to two wharfs on the Forth & Clyde canal. This area was labelled "Over Possil Colliery" on later maps. A second cluster of ironstone mines to the south of High Possil Farm were linked by mineral railway to the Edinburgh and Glasgow main line.

The location of the three oil works remains highly uncertain. On the basis of available evidence, it would seem logical if:

Glasgow Post Office Directories record a number of companies associated with oil enterprises in Possil;

Valuation Records

Still to be researched.


Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland