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Forth & Clyde Oil Works

also known as Forth & Clyde Paraffin Works, or Birdston Oil Works.

Location 55.933384, -4.163464, show in map
Former parish and county Parish of Cadder, Lanarkshire
Current local authority area East Dunbartonshire
Construction history Constructed c.1865
Ownership history Lester, Wyllie & Company, James Miller & Son & Company
Demolition history Site used for other chemical purposes after c.1870
Current status of site Waste ground


Redwood notes that the Forth & Clyde Works operated from 1862 to 1867. The partnership of Lester, Wyllie & Company also operated the Drumcross Paraffin Oil Works and was declared bankrupt in 1867. Valuation records show that the site was eventually occupied by the Nickel Comany Ltd - presumably the "Nickel Works" shown on the 1898 OS map on the south bank of the Forth and Clyde canal in Kirkintilloch.

Valuation Records

Entries from 1865 to 1884. Download details


Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

Recent View

forth & Clyde oil works


KIRKINTILLOCH – VALUABLE OIL REFINERY FOR SALE. IN ORDER TO ENSURE A SHALE, THESE WORKS WILL BE EXPOSED AT THE GREATLY REDUCED UPSET PRICE OF £1800. There will be Exposed for SALE, within the Faculty Hall, Glasgow, on Wednesday the 5th day of July 1871, at Two o'clock afternoon, ALL and WHOLE that PLOT or AREA of GROUND, containing 3 Acres, 30 Poles or thereby Imperial measure, as also ALL and WHOLE the PLOT or PIECE of GROUND, containing 3 acres, 2 Roods and 30 Poles or thereby Imperial measure, with the complete PARAFFIN OIL REFINERY thereon, all belonging to the Sequestered estate of Lester, Wylie & Company, Crude and Paraffin Oil Manufacturers. The Works, which it is estimated are capable of Refining about 300 Barrels per Week, are in excellent working order and are situated in the immediate vicinity of the Town of Kirkintilloch, within a few yards of the east bank of the Forth and Clyde Canal, to which there is free access, and at a distance of about 400 yards from the North British Railway. The Feu-Duty is £62, 8s, 6d. For further particulars apply to McCKELLAND, SON & Co. C.A., 140 St. Vincent Street Glasgow, with the latter of whom are the Tittle-Deeds and Articles of Roup. Glasgow 22nd June 1871. The Scotsman, 4th July 1871.


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