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Binnend oil works

also known as Burntisland oil works

Location 56.070942, -3.214919. show in map
Former parish and county Parish of Burntisland, Fife
Current local authority area Fife
Construction history Built c.1878
Ownership history George Simpson, Binnend Oil Company Ltd, Burntisland Oil Company Ltd (Old) Burntisland Oil Company Ltd (New)
Demolition history Presumably dismantled after 1894. The candle-house survived until c. 2000
Current status of site Woodland. Bing used as a waste lagoon

A substantial oil works, refinery and candle-works promoted by the Binnend Oil Company Ltd, established 1878, whose directors included George Simpson and James Thornton. The Burntisland Oil Company Ltd was established in 1881 to take over the works, but this soon ran into financial trouble and went into voluntary liquidation in 1892. A new company, The Burntisland Oil Company Ltd (New) was registered in 1893, but this met little success and was wound-up in 1896.

The works were served by Burntisland No.1, No.2 and No.3 mines and No.4 pit. Most of the workforce were accommodated in company housing at High Binn and Low Binn.

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THE BURNTISLAND OIL COMPANY. PROSPECTUS. This company has been formed with the purpose of purchasing the Estates of Whinnyhall, Binnend, Common, Rodanbraes, Kinghorn Loch, lochlands and parts of Craigencur and Galahill, near Burntisland, containing Shale, Coal, Limestone, and Freestone, and also the Oil Works erected thereon, and for completing and enlarging the present Oil Works.

The Scotsman, 20th August 1881.

BURNTISLAND – BINNEND EXTENSIONS. - Symptoms of prosperity continue to characterise the Burntisland Oil Company's works in the the neighbourhood. New shale pits have been sunk with excellent results, and two additional benches of retorts, with refining accessories, are now in course of erection. Fully 600 hands are now employed and the existing house accommodation has been found inadequate.

The Scotsman, 11th July 1884.

THE NEW CANDLE FACTORY;- The Binnend Oil Company has acquired from Kinghown Town Council a piece of ground near the Loch to erect a candle factory. Operations to start immediately. Proximity to the new railway; which is being rushed forward, and th loch burn required for cooling purposes has determined the choice of site.

The Scotsman, 18th October 1886.

THE MINERAL OIL MANUFACTURING and MINING PLANT belonging to the BURNTISLAND OIL COMPANY LIMITED, is for sale by Private Bargain. Catalogues can be had and all information obtained on application to the MANAGER, Oil Works, Burntisland.

The Scotsman, 12th September 1894.

CANDLE WORKS TO BE SOLD OR LET. The Extensive CANDLE WORKS belonging to the BURNTISLAND OIL COMPANY LIMITED, and situated at KINGHORN, in the COUNTY OF FIFE, are for SALE by Private Bargain, or they will be LET on Lease for such number of years as may be agreed on, The Buildings and Plant are of the most approved description and are capable of turning out about 40 tons of Candles weekly. The Works are connected by a Private Railway with the North British system at Kinghorn Station. For further particulars apply to W.J. JOHNSTONE, S.S.C., 21, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh.

The Scotsman 12th September 1894.

BOILERS (Lancashire), haulage engines, steam pumps, 13"x22", Barclay locomotive, wrought-iron tanks, boiler tanks, hydraulic pumps, D.H. 75lb. rails with chairs, fishplates &c, 3 and 5 yard tip waggons, steam cranes, valves, cocks, &c. Catalogues and prices from Manager, Burntisland Oil Works, Burntisland.

The Scotsman, 29th December 1894.

FIFE – TO SELL or FEU, Eligible Site of Public Works, near Burntisland. The Land was formerly used as the site of the Works of the Burntisland Oil Company (Limited), and is connected by a private railway with the North British Railway at Kinghorn Station. There are also for sale a Large Number of Workman's houses, formerly used in connection with the Oil Works. Apply to CONSTABLE & JOHNSTONE. W.S., 61 Fredrick Street. Edinburgh.

The Scotsman, 12th October 1898.


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